Debtness and Tiredness

I am in debt…

I owe my blog the time it needs. I owe myself the sense of breathing. It was only through my blog that I can share my thoughts freely. So much had kept me from writing. Being busy, perhaps. Spending much time in other things, is another. I have been pre-occupied with playing Virtual Villagers, with finding ways of earning online, with searching for freebies and contest to join, with surfing.

I am getting tired…

Seems everything are becoming dull and lifeless. So many tasks to accomplish, yet I feel I am stuck. Afraid that maybe soon I’ll be facing my doom. Questioning, how important are those things? Answering, it was! But do they think so? My mind was occupied with the “least-priority-thing”… the totality of what I am doing. Sometimes am getting lost. I am losing my focus. I almost felt like backing out… looking and finding ways to do what i really want.


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