Another Dose

Leaving the past behind doesn’t mean that people will do the same. I never want to remember and bring the memory back, through sometimes I get tangled in situations and I could not break free. I knew I can talk freely without angst and yes; I remain emotionless. Or I only thought I was.

A chikka conversation with a friend had caused the wife to bring back what was. Pushing and wanting to prove… telling me stories only to make me feel bad and make herself the better woman. I am not competing, nor have I surrendered to her. For me, there was never a competition, there are no reasons to prove who’s better than us. Why just leave the broken and damaged part of the past behind? Why are there still baggages and hang-ups? I don’t need to find reasons why the wife wanted to befriend my friend too. I knew who she is and I knew what she’s up to. How I wish I’ll be completely wrong. Yes, I had allowed my energy to be drained after that… but never will I allow it again.


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