It Worked For Me!

Working Mom October 2008
Such great feeling when I saw my son’s picture in the magazine, with words that I had shared. I was really thankful I grabbed a copy. My son was so happy also seeing himself in the magazine.
Eversince my kids got featured in magazines, I am at the lookout for these. Sometimes, the kids got picked but sometimes they don’t and sometimes i don’t have anything to submit. Still, it’s great. A thumbnail size picture brings a smile on our faces… a small token even does the same!
I have been wanting to take a peek at Working Mom’s magazine when I saw it at National Bookstore. A week after, “the so-called-friend” had asked me if I bought a copy, I become more curious. I was then hoping that she’ll inform me that my son was there, but with no such luck. Well, I knew the reasons why she doesn’t told me about it… and I choose to understand. People could sometimes be like this… jealousiness perhaps!

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