I Am Her Inspiration

Soon she would follow. This I am sure. Her never ending dream of wanting to have and do things that I do continuous. The saga of yearning to be like me, hating me because of enviousness and jealousy, lives on. Just like what it had been months and years before. She learned to write and express herself the way the I did. She copied my words and let it express in her own ways. She scraps her photos, making it similar to mine, even using the words that I used. She then becomes fond of scrapbooks and photo editing, following what I always do… loving to love what I do.

Now, when she learned of my kids magazine appearances, she started boasting of her son’s first appearance way back 2004. I know now what she’s up to. Buying all those parenting and baby magazines in the market so she could join too. When she saw the latest Working Mom magazine, with my son and my words being featured for “What Works For Me”, I knew then that she would follow.

True, everyone can do whatever they want as long as it does not cause harm to someone else. Still, I wonder why choose to do things that I love to do? Why choose to follow what I am? Why can’t she just do her own thing and not pattern her life to what I have and make it similar to mine? Saying she hated me because I am able to do this, is indeed irony! Maybe it all boils down to hating me because she truly wanted to live the life I am living. This makes me prouder… indeed, I can say, I am her inspiration!


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