Precious Partners Costume Party

Costume Party
My kid’s school celebrated their costume party at KFC Megamall. Brent came as a policeman and Skylah as a Harem Princess.

I accompanied the kids at the party tagging yaya Mercy with me as my husband needs to be at the office today. From the start, I made a commitment to be with the kids and share with them every important school activity. This is my way of sharing with them their greatest moments and capturing their happiness. 

It was indeed an enjoyable day! The girls came in as nurses, princesses, dancer; while the boys came in as superheroes, engineer, lawyer, doctor, ranger, and a lot more costumes. Everyone look so cute in their outfits. And of course, the best in costumes are given to the chef, the astronaut, the doctor and the rock star (I suppose). They stood out as they really came in complete costume.

Just like everyone else, my kids had great fun! Brent is not yet fond of joining games and his happiness came from receiving those little toys and loot bag. I was proud of Skylah for joining 2 games, even though she didn’t win, she still received consolation prizes. It is good that their teachers also allotted consolation prizes for those who joined their games but did not win. But of course, every winner deserves bigger and nicer prizes.

Yes, I admit that this costume party is a bit pricey, but the fun in my kid’s eyes makes it all worthwhile!


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