2008 Hit List

Saying goodbye to year 2008.

Listing my own version of 2008 newsmakers, in bits and pieces and in random order… a look back of the year that was:

  • Brent and Skylah first time to attend school
  • Their first report cards and field trip at
  • Hapee toothpaste factory, Lucky Me noodle factory and Manila Ocean Park
  • Skylah’s first photo shoots for Baby Minder and Kidstime Magazine
  • A page at Baby Minder
  • Jalysa appearing at every booklet of Growing Kids
  • Started working at the ISD department of Summit Media
  • Get to buy magazines at lower prices, GC’s and other ex-deal items
  • Through haven’t really worked with or get to know the editors and the people around the magazines yet
  • Daddy Lolo passed away
  • Celebrations without him… missing him dearly
  • Death and dying – tiya meding (papa’s side), my cousin’s lola, the ex’s dad… and while writing this, tita jen’s dad (January 1, 2009)
  • Much talk about death of Marky Cielo (on my list?)
  • Then comes the Dr. Hayden and Katrina’s affair (another one on my list?)
  • US president Barack Obama!
  • Movie premiere’s and winning moments from Getzmo
  • First IMAX experience watching Dinosaurs of Paragonia 3D
  • Skylah and Jalysa’s first IMAX experience too!
  • Winning at Cartoon Network and Johnson & Johnson’s Cool Bulilits: Mommy Bonding
  • Club Manila East, Taytay Rizal
  • Subic: Ocean Adventure trip and
  • Camayan Beach Resort
  • My husband and Skylah winning at Getzmo’s father’s day photo contest
  • more magazine appearances
  • Skylah and Jalysa’s appearances at Philippine Star Kids Only
  • My published note for Working Mom’s It Worked For Me!
  • Winning at Manila Bulletin and National Bookstore’s Word of the Day
  • A crashed hard disk — this is really frustrating!
  • Another CPU!
  • A borrowed monitor, then a flat screen
  • Moving on to another new rented house with mama
  • Participating at San Miguel Oktoberfest
  • Winning 1K at the office Christmas party raffle
  • get together at SM Mall of Asia with CGI criends
  • The addicting game, Virtual Villagers!
  • love and addition at online contests!
  • Dollar payments from my logo designs!
  • Tried applying for online works at Odesk too, but no such luck yet
  • Still trying to find more online works — I need much luck here!
  • First HSBC and BPI credit cards
  • Leaving my online selling site for lack of time
  • More credit card bills to pay… whew!
  • First visit at Fun Ranch and Active Fun play time
  • Made my first diaper cake for Clay’s baptism
  • My Feet loves: Ipanema flipflops and Grendha sandals
  • Tried and loved: BBW Japanese Cherry Blossoms, Victoria Secret’s Sweet Temptation
  • First Perfume Purchases: Miracle Forever and Aigner for men
  • Brent’s Power Rangers and Ben 10 love-overload!
  • Greet and meet Ben 10 at Glorietta
  • Barbie movie screening at Shang Cineplex — Barbie and the Diamond Castle; Barbie in a Christmas Carol
  • Last movie watched: Twilight!
  • December Love— my birthday, Clay’s birthday party at Nestle Creamery and the Christmas season!
  • Long Christmas holiday vacation!
  • a thousand more memories
  • uncaptured moments
  • thoughts, dreams, fears and dramas!


  1. John Wade said,

    January 3, 2009 at 11:45 am

    Interesting… Gonna take a look at this…

  2. anijun said,

    January 16, 2009 at 5:00 am

    hmm, this gave me an idea. women are really more attentive to details and “small things”.

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