December 20, 2008 at Manila Bulletin and Philippine Star

One Saturday with 3 appearances in the 2 major newspapers in the country.

1. My sister, Jalysa, in Philippine Star’s Kids Only Violet Playground
2. My nephew, Clay, in Manila Bulletin’s Birthday Corner
3. and yours truly, winning at Manila Bulletin’s Word of the Day contest. This was a sponsored contest from National Bookstore and Merriam Webster; and the winner gets to bag a Merriam and Webster Compact Dictionary. My name was not correctly spelled and I immediately informed the sponsor’s office; and I was glad I had claimed my prize the following day.

Such luck and I hope this goes on…


I Need a New Design

I stumbled upon Lifeblue’s “I Need a New Design” contest and thought of joining. A new blog design is a great prize indeed, as I know I have been trying or wanting to create my own blog design. But since I don’t have that time or should I say, I don’t know where to begin, then maybe this is a good start. Well, only if I won and only if I stood a chance.

Web Design Contest Vote

Web Design

I Am Her Inspiration

Soon she would follow. This I am sure. Her never ending dream of wanting to have and do things that I do continuous. The saga of yearning to be like me, hating me because of enviousness and jealousy, lives on. Just like what it had been months and years before. She learned to write and express herself the way the I did. She copied my words and let it express in her own ways. She scraps her photos, making it similar to mine, even using the words that I used. She then becomes fond of scrapbooks and photo editing, following what I always do… loving to love what I do.

Now, when she learned of my kids magazine appearances, she started boasting of her son’s first appearance way back 2004. I know now what she’s up to. Buying all those parenting and baby magazines in the market so she could join too. When she saw the latest Working Mom magazine, with my son and my words being featured for “What Works For Me”, I knew then that she would follow.

True, everyone can do whatever they want as long as it does not cause harm to someone else. Still, I wonder why choose to do things that I love to do? Why choose to follow what I am? Why can’t she just do her own thing and not pattern her life to what I have and make it similar to mine? Saying she hated me because I am able to do this, is indeed irony! Maybe it all boils down to hating me because she truly wanted to live the life I am living. This makes me prouder… indeed, I can say, I am her inspiration!

Another Dose

Leaving the past behind doesn’t mean that people will do the same. I never want to remember and bring the memory back, through sometimes I get tangled in situations and I could not break free. I knew I can talk freely without angst and yes; I remain emotionless. Or I only thought I was.

A chikka conversation with a friend had caused the wife to bring back what was. Pushing and wanting to prove… telling me stories only to make me feel bad and make herself the better woman. I am not competing, nor have I surrendered to her. For me, there was never a competition, there are no reasons to prove who’s better than us. Why just leave the broken and damaged part of the past behind? Why are there still baggages and hang-ups? I don’t need to find reasons why the wife wanted to befriend my friend too. I knew who she is and I knew what she’s up to. How I wish I’ll be completely wrong. Yes, I had allowed my energy to be drained after that… but never will I allow it again.

Debtness and Tiredness

I am in debt…

I owe my blog the time it needs. I owe myself the sense of breathing. It was only through my blog that I can share my thoughts freely. So much had kept me from writing. Being busy, perhaps. Spending much time in other things, is another. I have been pre-occupied with playing Virtual Villagers, with finding ways of earning online, with searching for freebies and contest to join, with surfing.

I am getting tired…

Seems everything are becoming dull and lifeless. So many tasks to accomplish, yet I feel I am stuck. Afraid that maybe soon I’ll be facing my doom. Questioning, how important are those things? Answering, it was! But do they think so? My mind was occupied with the “least-priority-thing”… the totality of what I am doing. Sometimes am getting lost. I am losing my focus. I almost felt like backing out… looking and finding ways to do what i really want.

She Got Mail

Thank God it’s Friday!

She worked silently amidst the chatters and noises surrounding her. She stared at the PC . She tried so hard to keep herself focused and just concentrate on the tasks at hand. But her mind was nowhere and she knew that something was missing. She knew she was waiting for something, though at the back of her mind she was dismissing such thought.

Suddenly, seems like the other person on the other side of the city could read her thought. An email message appeared and she got mail… from him! Her heart starts to beat and her hand suddenly felt cold. And maybe this sounds like from the movie, You’ve Got Mail!

She hurriedly read the message, and it was just a simple “How are you?”.

While she was typing the words – “I don’t know. What’s on the news?” – her mind on the otherhand was saying, “there you are, I was waiting for you… well maybe you’re thinking of me too!” Harharhar. Funny answers and funny thoughts.

And the exchange of messages started –

He: Why are you feeling that way? News, there’s gonna be an earthquake today…
She: I know and it’s just a hoax! … I feel ok, though, maybe not. Or maybe in-between. Do you ever felt like this or is it just me?
He: Weird, huh? I’m good, so good because you replied… and yes, it’s a hoax!
She: and it’s a big deal… maybe if I replied saying and asking work-related questions, you won’t feel good
He: maybe, ‘coz you’ll made me think…

Afterwatds, she logged off.

Walked her way home, figuring out if there’s something in between those messages. Unusual, since they haven’t exchanged how-are-you’s after their first meeting. All exchange of messages are about work! This time it was different. Maybe those messages are nonsense, just the usual people trying to pass the time and say hi! Still, she felt indifferent. But what about him? Maybe he does or maybe he doesn’t.

Maybe this is just one of those fleeting moments, of feelings that have made her heart jump, of anticipation… maybe imagination runs wilder. Sooner, she would eventually return back to the real world.

What’s on TV?

I haven’t watched TV these days or should I say, for more than a month? After moving in a new home, it seems the TV is not part of our lives anymore. Even the kids don’t! The TV had become a stagnant appliance in our living room and in our bedroom. It’s just being opened for about 30 minutes in the morning for the “Unang Hirit”… though watching it is very limited. We just want a morning sound that would keep us going through the day. I haven’t even seen latest Jollibee commercial – Mahal tayo ni Jollibee! – and Mcdonald’s “Pa cheeseburger ka naman!” which I kept on hearing everywhere!  

Before, my kids are always glued on TV, from waking up until the last minute of the day! It was always Disney Channel or Nick Jr. Then at night, the family watches Kamandag or Marimar. Sundays would mean watching ASAP or SOP.

Now, what’s keeping us occupied?
[Me] — who has very limited time makes use of my time catching up with the kids, a few minutes updating my customers inquiries, scrapping or just surfing. 
[The Kids] — would either play and ride their bikes or watch a video on YouTube! My daughter and my sister is into the High School Musical videos and my 2-year old son is into Ben 10, Spongebob or the Work video from High School Musical.
[Mama, Sis, Hubby] — is always glued into the computer! It would either be Skype, YM, clients, oDesk, Multiply, Limewire, Torrent, updating, games, business and a lot more!!!    

And  I wonder now what’s on TV? What’s the latest news? What shows should I look forward to?… Which has better shows nowadays- the Kapuso channel or the Kapamilya? 

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

… and it’s all small stuff! The book author, Richard Carlson, teaches some ways on how to cope and calm down when we are faced with the struggles or stresses in life.

I’ve browsed through the pages of this book years ago, when life for me was just as simple as waking up-go to school-hang out with friends-eat-sleep-have fun. I was just browsing the pages of the book that time, and keeping myself busy with reading. It’s the time when all I care about is myself! Little did I realize that I would be living this so-called motto… “don’t sweat the small stuff!”. But then I’m really glad those thoughts lived in my mind and I made it live in my life! I really agree and there are things in life that aren’t too much a big deal. Sometimes I can’t help but really wonder why some people fuss over simple things when they shouldn’t.

And just the title of the book helped me. I often hear people say that they see me as someone who doesn’t have a problem! Me??? Of course, I have problems… Or maybe, I just don’t perceive it as a problem. I worry to much, I think about a lot! But hten, I just know how not to let the whole world know about it. Maybe I still keep with me the mask I always cover myself with. Being like a great pretender!… Well, well, maybe it’s because I could still smile amidst all those things and situations that I am facing. Reasons why people keeps on pestering me and trying to push my limits.    

And it is so flattering also when people can’t believe that I am married and that I already have 2 cute kids! Thank you and I smile at them, knowingly…

Right,  if I have time, I’ll read this book all over again… and this time, I would not just browse the pages but the lessons in my heart. Life is really not easy to live with. People are not really that easy to deal with. And I still have a long way to go… I need a lot of power to keep me going!

New 7 Wonders of the World

I’ve come across this site where you get to vote for the New 7 Wonders of the World! Isn’t that great?! People all over the world would decide what the results would be! It’s so fantastic to see, through the photo gallery, how marvelous our world is. I love the tag line from the site which reads… “You have one voice, but seven votes”.

I joined and I voted!
Of course, I’ve voted for 3 nominees from the Philippines – the Chocolate HIlls in Bohol, the Mayon Volcano in Albay, the Tubbataha Reef in Palawan- and 4 more nominees from other places. Hmmm, am I being bias? Well… it’s because I love where I am! Though I haven’t been there yet, I am definitely sure that those 3 places are really fantastic! Honestly, it’s really hard to choose from all those great places and I wished I had more votes! And I wish I could travel all over and see all those places… well, well, well…

Anyway, voting for the nominees would be until December 2008, and in the summer of 2010, the New 7 Wonders of the World will be declared. I’m gonna look forward to that!

Moving on

This would be my new space. I could not update my Blogger account as the site has been blocked in the office. Sigh. I’ve tried accessing the site from a proxy server, but I have no luck. Friendster is also blocked. Oh well. I could not read my messages and accept those friend requests. In time, I will. 

I could not import my posts here as my blog is created in blogger beta.

So here I am, creating a new one. Shifting in another free blog site and in the meantime, choosing this template. Hopefully one of this days, I would be able to create my own blog design. Or maybe not, maybe I’m just too lazy to do that.