2008 Hit List

Saying goodbye to year 2008.

Listing my own version of 2008 newsmakers, in bits and pieces and in random order… a look back of the year that was:

  • Brent and Skylah first time to attend school
  • Their first report cards and field trip at
  • Hapee toothpaste factory, Lucky Me noodle factory and Manila Ocean Park
  • Skylah’s first photo shoots for Baby Minder and Kidstime Magazine
  • A page at Baby Minder
  • Jalysa appearing at every booklet of Growing Kids
  • Started working at the ISD department of Summit Media
  • Get to buy magazines at lower prices, GC’s and other ex-deal items
  • Through haven’t really worked with or get to know the editors and the people around the magazines yet
  • Daddy Lolo passed away
  • Celebrations without him… missing him dearly
  • Death and dying – tiya meding (papa’s side), my cousin’s lola, the ex’s dad… and while writing this, tita jen’s dad (January 1, 2009)
  • Much talk about death of Marky Cielo (on my list?)
  • Then comes the Dr. Hayden and Katrina’s affair (another one on my list?)
  • US president Barack Obama!
  • Movie premiere’s and winning moments from Getzmo
  • First IMAX experience watching Dinosaurs of Paragonia 3D
  • Skylah and Jalysa’s first IMAX experience too!
  • Winning at Cartoon Network and Johnson & Johnson’s Cool Bulilits: Mommy Bonding
  • Club Manila East, Taytay Rizal
  • Subic: Ocean Adventure trip and
  • Camayan Beach Resort
  • My husband and Skylah winning at Getzmo’s father’s day photo contest
  • more magazine appearances
  • Skylah and Jalysa’s appearances at Philippine Star Kids Only
  • My published note for Working Mom’s It Worked For Me!
  • Winning at Manila Bulletin and National Bookstore’s Word of the Day
  • A crashed hard disk — this is really frustrating!
  • Another CPU!
  • A borrowed monitor, then a flat screen
  • Moving on to another new rented house with mama
  • Participating at San Miguel Oktoberfest
  • Winning 1K at the office Christmas party raffle
  • get together at SM Mall of Asia with CGI criends
  • The addicting game, Virtual Villagers!
  • love and addition at online contests!
  • Dollar payments from my logo designs!
  • Tried applying for online works at Odesk too, but no such luck yet
  • Still trying to find more online works — I need much luck here!
  • First HSBC and BPI credit cards
  • Leaving my online selling site for lack of time
  • More credit card bills to pay… whew!
  • First visit at Fun Ranch and Active Fun play time
  • Made my first diaper cake for Clay’s baptism
  • My Feet loves: Ipanema flipflops and Grendha sandals
  • Tried and loved: BBW Japanese Cherry Blossoms, Victoria Secret’s Sweet Temptation
  • First Perfume Purchases: Miracle Forever and Aigner for men
  • Brent’s Power Rangers and Ben 10 love-overload!
  • Greet and meet Ben 10 at Glorietta
  • Barbie movie screening at Shang Cineplex — Barbie and the Diamond Castle; Barbie in a Christmas Carol
  • Last movie watched: Twilight!
  • December Love— my birthday, Clay’s birthday party at Nestle Creamery and the Christmas season!
  • Long Christmas holiday vacation!
  • a thousand more memories
  • uncaptured moments
  • thoughts, dreams, fears and dramas!

December 20, 2008 at Manila Bulletin and Philippine Star

One Saturday with 3 appearances in the 2 major newspapers in the country.

1. My sister, Jalysa, in Philippine Star’s Kids Only Violet Playground
2. My nephew, Clay, in Manila Bulletin’s Birthday Corner
3. and yours truly, winning at Manila Bulletin’s Word of the Day contest. This was a sponsored contest from National Bookstore and Merriam Webster; and the winner gets to bag a Merriam and Webster Compact Dictionary. My name was not correctly spelled and I immediately informed the sponsor’s office; and I was glad I had claimed my prize the following day.

Such luck and I hope this goes on…

My Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is fast approaching. I still have a gift-list to complete and gifts to wrap. Sometimes, it felt so good to be a child once more, thinking that when all I have to do way back then is to write down all my Christmas wishes. I was hoping then that Santa Claus would give me one of those gifts that I have listed. For the children, that’s the magic of Christmas after all…

Nonetheless, wishes are for everyone. It’s like dreaming and hoping and praying that these would all come true. Just like believing… and I am wishing for:

1. DSLR camera
2. Sony VAIO laptop
3. Samsung Omnia or Sony Ericson Xperia
4. Macbook Air
5. Weekend vacation
6. Lots of toys, clothes and books for my kids
7. Ultimate shopping spree!

Whew! My list could be quite unfathomable and I could go on and on listing all I ever wanted for Christmas. Well, just keeping my fingers crossed and hope that there is still a magical moment waiting for me.

And this could also be my entry to Manila Freelancer’s contest by Melo Villareal. How fortunate it would be for the blogger who would get to receive these gifts from Manila Freelancer – Super Talent 200X 4GB USB Flash Drive, 1 Ridata 1 GB USB Flash Drive, 1 Memorex 1 GB USB Flash Drive, 1 PQI 1GB USB Flash Drive and 2 2009 Starbucks Planners. Though, I don’t have much luck at this blog-about-this-and-win-thing, but who knows, maybe I would be lucky enough to grab a prize. If I won, I would definitely hope to grab the Starbucks Planner and the PICO USB drive!

I am 29!

One more year left before I reach 30. I am growing old, though not really looking like one, people would always say. I am thankful that life brings me enough love and blessings. I am grateful for my family who has always been there at my side, for my kids and my husband. I appreciate relatives, friends and everyone else who never failed to greet me each year. There was more to life to be thankful for!

For my birthday celebration, our family had dinner at Texas BBQ and Restaurant at the A.Venue Mall, Makati Avenue. Food was great especially when you’re sharing it with the people you love. Their big food servings are enough to fill us up.  Though a bit pricey for me, but proved to be worthy.

I am looking forward to more years, more happiness and more blessings… for a life free from worries and anxieties… for more strength and better future. Life is indeed beautiful and I am living it well!

IMAX Experience

I’ve won 2 tickets from Getzmo.com for the Screening of Dinasaurs 3D Giant of Patagonia. Thank you Getzmo team for choosing me as one of the winners. So finally, I’ve got the chance to experience watching a film at IMAX! It’s just a short film, though, I appreciate the film because of the 3D effect of the theater.

After attending the birthday party of my cousins’s daughter, hubby and I went off to catch the movie. My parents took the kids with them. We only have a few minutes to spare before the 7 pm show time. We are really in a hurry and luckily, we reached the theater 5 minutes before the film starts. Though we haven’t got a chance to eat beforehand (since there’s free food pala!), still, it’s worth it… watching it at IMAX is free anyway.

We haven’t had any pictures takes as both our cellphones batteries are emptied. Hmmm, maybe we’ll just go back one of these days… well, only if the budget fits!


I happen to chat with a former-officemate-friend a while ago. I got a bit shocked when he told me that I am already a career woman! What?!!!… Could I really get the greatest definition of what a great career woman is or does that description fits me perfectly? I don’t know. Then he asked me what I really wanted in life? Then I knew it… I wanted to be a WHAM!

Funny, he got curious what a WHAM is. Hehehe…

So there, I wanted to be a work-at-home-mom! I want to work at home and earn earn while working and taking care of my kids. Though this too requires dedication and commitment also. Perfect time management would also be one of the key.

And why do I want to be a WHAM? … because I want to do things that I really love and enjoy doing, with lesser pressures… because I prefer designing (though I don’t the talent)… because I’m really not a social person or should I say, I care less about everyone around me… because I think this would make me feel more satisfied.
I don’t know if I could accomplish freelance works on ODESK like what my mom and sister does.

Maybe in time I would be a WHAM!

First 2 Days High!

[Day 1, June 11]

Prepared the kids clothes, things and baon.  I took a morning leave from work and the hubby took a day-off. We both wanted to be with the kids on their first day at school. It’s both their first time to attend school. My daugher Skylah would be in Kinder 1 and baby boy Brent is in Nursery. Ohhh, my babies are really growing up. Well, Brent is just 2.5 years old, it might be too early for him, but then it is good also in a way that he’ll develop his social skills. And yes, he is still the baby. He’s the youngest and the smallest in the class.

Hand in hand, we accompany the kids to their respective classrooms. I could feel that they are both nervous seeing all the other kids. The other kids were already playing with their toys, some are crying and others are clinging to their moms so tightly (just like what my kids are doing).  I stepped out of the room while my baby boy is busy playing with the blocks.

In the other room, my daughter is crying. She doesn’t want to play and just wants to go outside with me. I told her that I’ll just be sitting and waiting outside for her. It took her so long to stop crying. The teacher accompanied her and she sat infront of the class. Brent on the otherhand was in the arms of her teacher. Karga sya ng teacher and I could see that he is trying hard not to sob.

I know they’ll be fine. It’s natural to feel that way. Even if it would take weeks or even months for them to adjust, it’s okay with me.

[Day 2, June 12]

Morning off again at work to be with the kids at school. A little improvement this time, with a little crying. My baby boy was hugging the teacher and when teacher let him sit in his chair, I know he felt nervous. But he remained strong and kept his calm. He just constantly look where teacher was and watched while the others sang. And yes, he learned. He learned to say present when his name is being called. Though in a shy way… at least, it made us all smile. Skylah then also begins to adjust. She is trying to follow and learn the songs and the actions. She listens attentively to the teacher. I smiled when another parent told me that my daughter hugged the teacher because she doesn’t have her uniform yet. I smiled when it was their recess and I saw her getting her bag and eating her baon.

Each day will pass without me seeing them go to school. Mommy needs to work, daddy also needs too. How much I wanted to savor each moment and treasure their preschool years… And I know they too would understand, and I would help them understand. But I am sure that I’ll always be there when they need me and even if they don’t. They would be good and I have faith in my kids.

Winning Photo

J&J Cool Bulilits Promo

We’re so lucky! Me and my baby Brent won in Cartoon Network’s Johnson & Johnson Certified Coolest Bonding Promo! The link to the website is here: http://www.cartoonnetwork.com.ph/jsp/contest/2008/05_jnj/winner/index.jsp

Actually, that photo is not one of my favorites. When I find out about the contest, I know we won’t have a chance at winning. I know others have professionally taken photos and some even have studio shots. We don’t have great photos… and almost all our photos was gone when the hard disk crashed. I just scanned and picked a photo from my mom’s PC. And thankful then that we were chosen! A blessing in disguise perhaps.

We’ve already claimed the prizes which was given last Saturday at the Old Spaghetti House Restaurant. The prizes includes:
+ day trip to Subic Ocean Adventure (for 4)
+ overnight stay at the Camayan Beach Resort
+ Johnson’s baby powder (and cologne) gift packs

They also gave the winners a Ben 10 Cartoon Network sling bag, which also contains a memo pad, sticker and 4 character stirrer(?) sets. And that’s the prize that my son loves!

Thank you Cartoon Network and Johnson’s for the prizes…

Winning when you least expect it becomes so great! Well, maybe it’s because we really deserve to win… and maybe, because we’re really cool!

Thought Shutdown!

Dismiss the thought that came from a dream.
No sense in finding such reasons to believe.
Yet, it came hunting.
Coming into me like I was reaching out and running towards it.
I could hear the talks, see the persons and the environment, touch it,
feel and smell the presence.
Seems like real… but just mere imagination.   
Finding myself into the world of make believe totally afar from reality. 
An emotional escape perhaps… or the effect of the subconcious mind.  
Damn! Shut out these thoughts which should not be!

Diaper Cake!

I was thinking of a gift that we would buy for Clay, and the idea of making a diaper cake came to my mind. Hmmm, it sounds cool! I surfed the net for some samples of diaper cakes and I was amazed at how great those cakes looked! A lot of them really looked like real cakes. There are single layers, 2-tiers and 3-tiers. And there is also such thing as a towel-cake, where instead of using diapers, the cake makes use of a towel. So there, I am certainly sure that I would be baking my first diaper cake! hehehe…

I bought L size diapers, a Mickey Mouse bottle, 3 sandos, a Mickey Mouse teether, bib and small towel. I also bought a circle puzzle for the cake base, ribbons, paper wrapper and cellophane. And  here’s my first baked diaper cake —

My cake might not be perfectly made, but it is made with love… and I enjoyed doing it! My hubby also does!  

Clay’s Baptism

My kuya’s second child will be Christened on the 18th. Here’s the invitation, the tarpaulin and the magnet (which will be an additional souvenir) that I made for him:

And I’ll be one of the ninang! Wow, another addition to my inaaanak. Counting, I now have 7 inaanaks: Austin (my cousins’ son), Bianca (my cousins’ daughter), Fiona (my friend’s daughter), Russel (my sister’s son), Sean (my cousins’ son), CJ (my friend’s son) and of course, Clay!  

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