Fun Ranch Halloween Party

Fun Ranch Halloween Party

Fun Ranch

I’ve registered the kids for the Fun Ranch party together with my kuya’s kids as I know that this would be one event that we wouldn’t miss. True enough, our kids had a great time today!

Brent wore his much anticipated Spiderman costume, Skylah came as Spider Girl and my sister Jalysa was dressed as a Rhumba girl. My kuya and his family were already there minutes before we arrived. I never knew they were as excited as we were. Fiona was dressed as a cute little witch, baby Clay as a little pirate and their pamangkin Kastner came in as the devil.

Kuya’s kids were supposed to register at an earlier time. They were there before 1:30 pm and were told that registration hasn’t started yet. They would have bagged the early bird award if they stayed and waited for the registration to start.

The Halloween Party started at around 3 pm. They started with lots of games that kids got to participate in. Their bring me game was indeed enjoyable; luckily we’ve bagged 2 prizes also. We were at farther side of the activity area and it was Kastner’s fastest run and enthusiasm made him win.

Beforehand, the one who’s in-charge of the games (I guess) asks my Skylah if she wanted to join. So we listed her and Jalysa in the food relay game, and Kastner in the scariest laugh game. Not one of them wins, but the good thing about it is that even though the kids didn’t win, they still get to have a consolation prize. Great isn’t it? This makes me proud of Skylah for participating in the game. Though I could feel she was somehow fighting the feeling of being scared perhaps, she still joined the game. True, it’s not about winning or losing… and this is one thing I would always let my kids remember.

This is an organized event, maybe because Fun Ranch had planned it well that they had accommodated all those cute kids in the activity area. It’s a thumb up when kids gets to participate in the games without pursuing them. It was a good plan giving kids their number, asking them if they want to join this game, and then calling their numbers afterwards. This saves them the time of asking who wants to join a game, and it also gives more chances to other kids as well.

After the games and the show, the trick or treat had started. They gave the kids their loot bags including the coupons that they would be giving to the stores. It’s a good idea since it guides the kids and parents on where to get their treats! By the time we were finished, the kids had their pumpkin bags full of goodies and candies! Aside from the games, the costume awards and loot bags and treats from the stores; there was also a fire eater show, free vitamin samples and free Anchor yogurt drink. Still, all events have a little loophole or so; for I guess it doesn’t even matter.

It would be right to say that it was more than a fun Halloween party; it was indeed a very enjoyable one!

Precious Partners Costume Party

Costume Party
My kid’s school celebrated their costume party at KFC Megamall. Brent came as a policeman and Skylah as a Harem Princess.

I accompanied the kids at the party tagging yaya Mercy with me as my husband needs to be at the office today. From the start, I made a commitment to be with the kids and share with them every important school activity. This is my way of sharing with them their greatest moments and capturing their happiness. 

It was indeed an enjoyable day! The girls came in as nurses, princesses, dancer; while the boys came in as superheroes, engineer, lawyer, doctor, ranger, and a lot more costumes. Everyone look so cute in their outfits. And of course, the best in costumes are given to the chef, the astronaut, the doctor and the rock star (I suppose). They stood out as they really came in complete costume.

Just like everyone else, my kids had great fun! Brent is not yet fond of joining games and his happiness came from receiving those little toys and loot bag. I was proud of Skylah for joining 2 games, even though she didn’t win, she still received consolation prizes. It is good that their teachers also allotted consolation prizes for those who joined their games but did not win. But of course, every winner deserves bigger and nicer prizes.

Yes, I admit that this costume party is a bit pricey, but the fun in my kid’s eyes makes it all worthwhile!

San Miguel Oktoberfest 2008

… Siento Bente na!

I am not a beer drinker! Still, I was part of the Oktoberfest “Siento Bente” kick-off party. I was not there to drink beer nor join the Oktoberfest celebration, I was there to assist, I was there to sell beer!


It feels just great participating in the biggest and longest San Miguel Oktoberfest. We had 4 booths during the event – it’s Omar’s Bar and Ayie’s Café (it was my kuya who gave the booths their names). We’re selling, bar tendering, manning and serving! Quite an experience for us, witnessing the thousands of people drinking beer, having lots of fun while watching their favorite bands perform.


Sam Miguel built a 600 meter-long beer bar built along the stretch of San Miguel Avenue, Lourdes Avenue and Julia Vargas in Mandaluyong.  This years Oktoberfest tried to break Guinness World Records for the longest bar and most number of people toasting.  The opening was held not just in Metro Manila but simultaneously in Olongapo; Sta. Rosa, Laguna; Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu; and in Davao City.


Before 7 pm, the area had been really jam-packed. It’s really a night of overflowing beer and bands. One of the event highlights is the performance of the popular American alternative band – Third Eye Blind. And for sure, it made the crowd even wilder! The area had four stages – The Main Stage, The All Girls Stage, The Reggae Stage and The Pop Stage. People are entertained by the country’s hottest bands and musicians like The Dawn, Rivermaya,  Spongecola, Sugarfree, After Image, Nyoy Volante, Paolo Santos, Jimmy Bondoc, Rico Blanco, Reggae Mistress, Overtone, and more. We didn’t get to see the any bands of these bands perform, we just heard the music nearby.


But then the party didn’t end without a glitch. The security had to stop people at the entrances at around midnight. Maybe the venue wasn’t enough to accommodate all those people who haven’t got the chance to go inside. Ow, sayang ang ticket nila pati ang beer sales namin!


Still, Oktoberfest is definitely a beer drinking fiesta! Cheers to the 120 days of celebration!








Winning Photo

J&J Cool Bulilits Promo

We’re so lucky! Me and my baby Brent won in Cartoon Network’s Johnson & Johnson Certified Coolest Bonding Promo! The link to the website is here:

Actually, that photo is not one of my favorites. When I find out about the contest, I know we won’t have a chance at winning. I know others have professionally taken photos and some even have studio shots. We don’t have great photos… and almost all our photos was gone when the hard disk crashed. I just scanned and picked a photo from my mom’s PC. And thankful then that we were chosen! A blessing in disguise perhaps.

We’ve already claimed the prizes which was given last Saturday at the Old Spaghetti House Restaurant. The prizes includes:
+ day trip to Subic Ocean Adventure (for 4)
+ overnight stay at the Camayan Beach Resort
+ Johnson’s baby powder (and cologne) gift packs

They also gave the winners a Ben 10 Cartoon Network sling bag, which also contains a memo pad, sticker and 4 character stirrer(?) sets. And that’s the prize that my son loves!

Thank you Cartoon Network and Johnson’s for the prizes…

Winning when you least expect it becomes so great! Well, maybe it’s because we really deserve to win… and maybe, because we’re really cool!

Clay’s Baptism

My kuya’s second child will be Christened on the 18th. Here’s the invitation, the tarpaulin and the magnet (which will be an additional souvenir) that I made for him:

And I’ll be one of the ninang! Wow, another addition to my inaaanak. Counting, I now have 7 inaanaks: Austin (my cousins’ son), Bianca (my cousins’ daughter), Fiona (my friend’s daughter), Russel (my sister’s son), Sean (my cousins’ son), CJ (my friend’s son) and of course, Clay!  

Mother’s Day Joy Ride

It’s Mother’s Day today! Greetings for me and for all mother’s everywhere!

The family waked up early to visit and surprise Nanay (Papa’s mom) who’s having a vacation at Pila, Laguna. It was a 3 hours ride away from our place. I could not believe how far the place was. But then, it was still a good ride. Before reaching the place we’ve already bought some kesong puti (love this!), honey, and pineapple. We even dine at a restaurant in the “bayan”, and what’s great about is the bakery which sells the so-called “tupipay” (shortened form of tupi and tinapay).

Unfortunately, Nanay wasn’t there when we arrived. She was out with the other relatives whom I haven’t seen and known yet. Ohhhh. We just left and leave our pasalubongs for her. So we just returned back and this time taking the Los Banos road, where we bought buko pies and a lot more!

It was just joy ride for the family… tiring, but then nothing could ever beat the time being spent together with the kids.

And of course, I was appreciative for the messages and greetings other people had given me…
I am a Mom and I love being one!

Hearts Day

Flowers. Chocolates. Love. Kisses.

Red is everywhere! A lot of people looks forward to this day. Some search for the perfect gift… others the perfect place to spend the day with. But then, some doesn’t care at all… perhaps saying, “what’s the big deal?… or “Valentine’s day is so corny”… well, whatever!

I am a cross between loving this day and just saying that this is just an ordinary day. Still, I smile when I see people carrying bouquets of flowers, when people spend this day with the one that they love. It just proves that love is so powerful!

Anyway, happy hearts day!

Our Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to my baby boy! He’s now 2 years old! Oh… how time flies so fast!

Miss Universe 2007

untitled.jpg  riyo.jpg
 The Miss Universe crown goes to Miss Japan, Riyo Mori! This marks the second time Japan has won the world beauty title. The last time Japan won the pageant was in 1959 when Akiko Kojima became the first Miss Universe from Asia. The pageant was held in Mexico where ontestants from 77 countries around the world competed in three categories: swimsuit; evening gown; and personality interview.  The other lovely ladies made it to the top are:
Miss Brazil- 1st Runner Up
Miss Venezuela- 2nd 1st Runner Up
Miss Korea- 3rd Runner Up
Miss USA- 4th Runner Up

Special awards for Miss Photogenic was given to our very own Miss Philippines (Anna Theresa Licaros) and the MIss Congeniality was given to Miss China.

Miss Japan’s winning answer to the question:  “What is the one lesson you learn as a child, that still affects your life today?”
I have been dancing since I was a child, I live my life growing among fellow students and teachers, I learn how to be always be happy, to be patient and to be always positive and I want to teach this to the next generation. Thank You. – Miss Japan Riyo Mori

Indeed, she truly deserves the crown! She looked dazzling in a black gown with coloured lapels. The incredulous expression on her face was priceless when her name was announced and when last year’s winner Zuleyka Rivera of Puerto Rico laid the crown on her head.

I always knew watching Miss Universe would be this exciting. The contest was marked by controversies. A week before the pageant, Miss Sweden withdraws from the pageant. Now, people are talking about Miss USA’s falling and being booed. Miss USA, Rachel Smith slipped during the evening gown competition. But then, she recovered admirably. She is also massively booed by the audience in Mexico during the interview segment, because of the issues towards illegal immigrants. But she carried it well and responded with “Buenas noches Mexico. Muchas gracias!” 

Birthday Bash at Seaside

Our family had lunch in celebration of Jalysa’s 7th birhday at Seaside along Macapagal Blvd. I made a tarpaulin for her containing a hundred pictures and we also ordered a Winx Club cake for her. It was just a simple family celebration, but i’m sure that she was so surprised and so happy that day!

For me, this Seaside Dampa is far better than the other “dampas” here in Metro Manila, the original one is located in Paranaque. The first time I had my tastes of Dampa was way back year 2001, the time when I was still working at APPI. The other “dampas” are located in Libis and Ortigas, which  has a limited number of parking spaces, too crowded and has an awkward ambiance because of its location. Whereas this Seaside Macapagal is really beside the sea. You can have the choice to dine here in an airconditioned restaurant or in the open air space. This Dampa concept is where you buy the ingredients in the wet market and have it cooked. Or you could choose the “wet marketing style” where you won’t buy it yourself but you have to pay for additional fees, usually Php 100/food, but it also depends on what you ordered. We opt for the latter one. We ordered sinigang na hipon, buttered shrimps, tempura!!!, calamares and asparagus. We really indulge ourselves in eating shrimps! Even my kids enjoyed munching on those tempuras! Ang sarap talaga!

Whew… I’ve eaten so much! I’ve also gotten myself huge servings of the cake! How I love to eat cakes!…  So when will I start my diet?

Before I Was a Mom

This is just a part of the forwarded email message I had just read a while ago.

 Before I was a Mom…
I didn’t know the feeling of
having my heart outside my body.
I didn’t know how special it
could feel to feed a hungry baby.
I didn’t know that bond
between a Mother and her child.
I didn’t know that something so small
Could make me feel so important.

Before I was a Mom…
I had never gotten up in the
middle of the night
Every 10 minutes to make sure
all was okay
I had never known the warmth
The joy
The love
The heartache
The wonder
Or the satisfaction of being a Mom.
I didn’t know I was capable of
feeling so much before I was a Mom…..

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