Barbie in A Christmas Carol

It was around 8 pm when I decided once again to drop by Getzmo to check out their promos and treats, and right there and then I joined their A Christmas Carol promo. Their topic is about sharing the feeling of receiving or giving a Barbie doll. Here’s my answer without thinking twice:

“I loved receiving Barbie dolls when I was a kid and asking my mom to buy one for me. Though, I haven’t counted how many Barbie dolls I had then. I bought my daughter her first Barbie doll when she was 3. It was her first and until now she’s holding on to it like a real treasure.”

My kids and my husband were already in bed when I heard my cellphone’s text message, and it was a message from Getzmo informing me that I won tickets to the screening of Barbie and the Christmas Carol promo! I got up from bed and instantly confirmed that I received their message in the Getzmo forum. I was so happy and daughter who’s already sleeping would really be!

We woke up early in the morning and I asked my papa to drive me to Makati to get the tickets. I asked mama and yaya to dress up Skylah as we’re going to be watching the movie! It was already 10:30 when papa and I arrived from the Getzmo office and Skylah was ready to go! She did not know yet where we’ll be heading. It was my surprise for her!

She got so excited when she learned that we’ll be watching a Barbie movie. This was the second time we’ll be watching a Barbie movie screening. The first one was the Barbie and the Diamond Castle screening, which I also won from Getzmo.

The screening was held at Shangrila Cineplex and we we’re there 10 minutes earlier. Skylah did enjoy the movie and was asking for another movie soon. Even though she was hesitant to join the contest, she still enjoyed all the activities after the screening. There was a Blow Up Babies photo session, a face painting session, ceramic painting, Polly pocket playtime dolls and a cupcake decorating activity. Luckily, we took part in each activity as I’ve asked for stubs from the Magnavision lady, and I was thankful she had handed me these stubs except for the cupcake decorating session since she could not find one anymore.

Thank you Getzmo for this happy day! I am still hoping I’ll have a chance to win again if ever there’ll be another Barbie treats from Getzmo!

Some pictures here.



To Spank or Not to Spank

I happen to come across Moms and Kids Magazine’s multiply site. Here’s my point of view on their article for “To Spank or Not to Spank”:

As a mom to two toddlers, I am still finding ways and learning the right way to instill discipline to my children. Maybe there is no standard and perfect way since every parent needs to understand their kid’s behavior and every situation they are into. Kids are naturally curious; sometimes they even test our patience.

I am after achieving a healthy relationship with my kids. Making a mistake doesn’t make them bad kids; still, I will never tolerate misbehaviors. For me, it is important to help my child understand the reasons why mom got disappointed with them at some point. I have also learned not to give in to their whims, tantrums and dramas. Instead, I choose to give them more of my time and attention.

I would be a hypocrite if I say that I will never spank my children. There would be certain circumstances that I may resort to this, times when I too will slip up. But I know that this doesn’t make me a bad mom. Nonetheless, I am not and I know I will never rely on spanking as the primary means of disciplining my kids. I am after raising my kids to be well-mannered children. I never wanted my kids to grow up thinking that every mistake deserves a punishment or that some sort of punishment would help discipline people.

Kids don’t deserve to be punished; instead, they need to be taught to learn what is right and what is wrong, what behavior is acceptable and what is not. A punishment might be effective for some kids, but for some it doesn’t really work. Maybe it would give good result only if the child understands the importance of discipline and learns from these as well.

Moreover, never will I forget rewarding my kids for a good behavior; to let them know how pleased I am with them… and this is what I knew would always be right.

Precious Partners Costume Party

Costume Party
My kid’s school celebrated their costume party at KFC Megamall. Brent came as a policeman and Skylah as a Harem Princess.

I accompanied the kids at the party tagging yaya Mercy with me as my husband needs to be at the office today. From the start, I made a commitment to be with the kids and share with them every important school activity. This is my way of sharing with them their greatest moments and capturing their happiness. 

It was indeed an enjoyable day! The girls came in as nurses, princesses, dancer; while the boys came in as superheroes, engineer, lawyer, doctor, ranger, and a lot more costumes. Everyone look so cute in their outfits. And of course, the best in costumes are given to the chef, the astronaut, the doctor and the rock star (I suppose). They stood out as they really came in complete costume.

Just like everyone else, my kids had great fun! Brent is not yet fond of joining games and his happiness came from receiving those little toys and loot bag. I was proud of Skylah for joining 2 games, even though she didn’t win, she still received consolation prizes. It is good that their teachers also allotted consolation prizes for those who joined their games but did not win. But of course, every winner deserves bigger and nicer prizes.

Yes, I admit that this costume party is a bit pricey, but the fun in my kid’s eyes makes it all worthwhile!

Skylah at Philippine Star


Philippine Star Kids Only

Another Winning Photo!

Submitted this picture at Getzmo for their Father’s Day Promo. I knew and I really hoped I had a chance at winning since there are only a few entries. And yes… this picture won! I received a text message from Getzmo informing me that I won in their promo! I am so happy and of course, my husband and my daughter also. First, it was me and my son who won… then now, it’s their time to win!

And I am becoming a contest fanatic. I keep on searching for contests that I could join online, in the hope of getting a chance at winning. I was thinking about raffle contest? Well, I don’t have a chance at that… but then who knows maybe one of these days… hehe.

First 2 Days High!

[Day 1, June 11]

Prepared the kids clothes, things and baon.  I took a morning leave from work and the hubby took a day-off. We both wanted to be with the kids on their first day at school. It’s both their first time to attend school. My daugher Skylah would be in Kinder 1 and baby boy Brent is in Nursery. Ohhh, my babies are really growing up. Well, Brent is just 2.5 years old, it might be too early for him, but then it is good also in a way that he’ll develop his social skills. And yes, he is still the baby. He’s the youngest and the smallest in the class.

Hand in hand, we accompany the kids to their respective classrooms. I could feel that they are both nervous seeing all the other kids. The other kids were already playing with their toys, some are crying and others are clinging to their moms so tightly (just like what my kids are doing).  I stepped out of the room while my baby boy is busy playing with the blocks.

In the other room, my daughter is crying. She doesn’t want to play and just wants to go outside with me. I told her that I’ll just be sitting and waiting outside for her. It took her so long to stop crying. The teacher accompanied her and she sat infront of the class. Brent on the otherhand was in the arms of her teacher. Karga sya ng teacher and I could see that he is trying hard not to sob.

I know they’ll be fine. It’s natural to feel that way. Even if it would take weeks or even months for them to adjust, it’s okay with me.

[Day 2, June 12]

Morning off again at work to be with the kids at school. A little improvement this time, with a little crying. My baby boy was hugging the teacher and when teacher let him sit in his chair, I know he felt nervous. But he remained strong and kept his calm. He just constantly look where teacher was and watched while the others sang. And yes, he learned. He learned to say present when his name is being called. Though in a shy way… at least, it made us all smile. Skylah then also begins to adjust. She is trying to follow and learn the songs and the actions. She listens attentively to the teacher. I smiled when another parent told me that my daughter hugged the teacher because she doesn’t have her uniform yet. I smiled when it was their recess and I saw her getting her bag and eating her baon.

Each day will pass without me seeing them go to school. Mommy needs to work, daddy also needs too. How much I wanted to savor each moment and treasure their preschool years… And I know they too would understand, and I would help them understand. But I am sure that I’ll always be there when they need me and even if they don’t. They would be good and I have faith in my kids.

School Searching

This is it! It’s final. Both our kids would start attending school.  After searching for a good nearby preschool, we decided to enroll our kids at Precious Partners. It’s a preschool for kids ages 2.5-6.5 years old. From the website, I printed out the list of preschools located in the place where we like. Mama did some inquiring last Thursday, and it was then that we narrowed our choices to just 2 schools. We took a visit at Precious Partners, and it was right there and then that we knew it’s the perfect choice. And we hope we choose the right school for the kids!

Best Picture


If I would be choosing just one picture to keep with me, this would be it. I really love this picture of me with my two kids! This picture was taken while we are at La Mesa Ecopark last year. This is one sweet moment that we will always treasure. Even just sitting with the kids felt so special.

I even submitted this picture in one local magazine and they included it in one of their articles. Great isn’t it?! And now, we have submitted it at Getzmo’s Mom’s Terrific Love Photo Contest! We might have a chance at grabbing a price. But if not, this picture still bags the Best Picture award!

Fun Ranch!

My kids really had fun at Fun Ranch!

Me and the hubby decided to treat the kids at Fun Ranch! It’s our first time to visit Tiendesitas also. Good thing, the place is just a few minutes away from where we live, and thankful also that we didn’t got caught in traffic. We had a hard time choosing between Active Fun and the Ark Avilon Zoo. So it’s a compromise that we would first let the kids enjoy playing at Active Fun and come back for the Ark Avilon adventure! Sounds really great!!!

I love to see my kids enjoy playing. Active Fun is a big play center designed for kids and there’s no much worries about their safety. There’s a soft area for toddlers below 5 years old and a bigger section for kids above five. Both my kids played more time in the soft area, running around, jumping, playing… and I know they wanted to explore the other section.

True, it’s a place where kids rule! Well, maybe this sounds like the Kzone magazine slogan?! Anyway, my kids loved the place and they enjoyed every single moment at Fun Ranch.  Of course, we also do!  

In Heaven Now

We all cried and felt the pain of losing you.
You have done your part and now it’s time to finally bid you goodbye.
We are leaving you at peace to follow the path
In Heaven, we know you are there.
In our hearts you will always remain.

Daddy Lolo got cremated today at the Chinese Crematorium. This is the first time that our family witnessed a cremation. At first, I could feel that somehow there’s a small dose of fear about the cremation ways. But then, after almost 3 hours of waiting outside the cremation place, all of us felt more relieved. It seems like the pain and sadness of losing him slowly fades as he is being cremated. We all felt that he is still with us. It brings a different feeling knowing that we bring back with us his remains, unlike the usual burial way where the person will be left underground.

I looked up and saw a bright light shining from up above. I know Daddy is happy where he is now.

Our Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to my baby boy! He’s now 2 years old! Oh… how time flies so fast!

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