To Spank or Not to Spank

I happen to come across Moms and Kids Magazine’s multiply site. Here’s my point of view on their article for “To Spank or Not to Spank”:

As a mom to two toddlers, I am still finding ways and learning the right way to instill discipline to my children. Maybe there is no standard and perfect way since every parent needs to understand their kid’s behavior and every situation they are into. Kids are naturally curious; sometimes they even test our patience.

I am after achieving a healthy relationship with my kids. Making a mistake doesn’t make them bad kids; still, I will never tolerate misbehaviors. For me, it is important to help my child understand the reasons why mom got disappointed with them at some point. I have also learned not to give in to their whims, tantrums and dramas. Instead, I choose to give them more of my time and attention.

I would be a hypocrite if I say that I will never spank my children. There would be certain circumstances that I may resort to this, times when I too will slip up. But I know that this doesn’t make me a bad mom. Nonetheless, I am not and I know I will never rely on spanking as the primary means of disciplining my kids. I am after raising my kids to be well-mannered children. I never wanted my kids to grow up thinking that every mistake deserves a punishment or that some sort of punishment would help discipline people.

Kids don’t deserve to be punished; instead, they need to be taught to learn what is right and what is wrong, what behavior is acceptable and what is not. A punishment might be effective for some kids, but for some it doesn’t really work. Maybe it would give good result only if the child understands the importance of discipline and learns from these as well.

Moreover, never will I forget rewarding my kids for a good behavior; to let them know how pleased I am with them… and this is what I knew would always be right.


It Worked For Me!

Working Mom October 2008
Such great feeling when I saw my son’s picture in the magazine, with words that I had shared. I was really thankful I grabbed a copy. My son was so happy also seeing himself in the magazine.
Eversince my kids got featured in magazines, I am at the lookout for these. Sometimes, the kids got picked but sometimes they don’t and sometimes i don’t have anything to submit. Still, it’s great. A thumbnail size picture brings a smile on our faces… a small token even does the same!
I have been wanting to take a peek at Working Mom’s magazine when I saw it at National Bookstore. A week after, “the so-called-friend” had asked me if I bought a copy, I become more curious. I was then hoping that she’ll inform me that my son was there, but with no such luck. Well, I knew the reasons why she doesn’t told me about it… and I choose to understand. People could sometimes be like this… jealousiness perhaps!

Best Picture


If I would be choosing just one picture to keep with me, this would be it. I really love this picture of me with my two kids! This picture was taken while we are at La Mesa Ecopark last year. This is one sweet moment that we will always treasure. Even just sitting with the kids felt so special.

I even submitted this picture in one local magazine and they included it in one of their articles. Great isn’t it?! And now, we have submitted it at Getzmo’s Mom’s Terrific Love Photo Contest! We might have a chance at grabbing a price. But if not, this picture still bags the Best Picture award!

Mother’s Day Joy Ride

It’s Mother’s Day today! Greetings for me and for all mother’s everywhere!

The family waked up early to visit and surprise Nanay (Papa’s mom) who’s having a vacation at Pila, Laguna. It was a 3 hours ride away from our place. I could not believe how far the place was. But then, it was still a good ride. Before reaching the place we’ve already bought some kesong puti (love this!), honey, and pineapple. We even dine at a restaurant in the “bayan”, and what’s great about is the bakery which sells the so-called “tupipay” (shortened form of tupi and tinapay).

Unfortunately, Nanay wasn’t there when we arrived. She was out with the other relatives whom I haven’t seen and known yet. Ohhhh. We just left and leave our pasalubongs for her. So we just returned back and this time taking the Los Banos road, where we bought buko pies and a lot more!

It was just joy ride for the family… tiring, but then nothing could ever beat the time being spent together with the kids.

And of course, I was appreciative for the messages and greetings other people had given me…
I am a Mom and I love being one!

Our Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to my baby boy! He’s now 2 years old! Oh… how time flies so fast!

Before I Was a Mom

This is just a part of the forwarded email message I had just read a while ago.

 Before I was a Mom…
I didn’t know the feeling of
having my heart outside my body.
I didn’t know how special it
could feel to feed a hungry baby.
I didn’t know that bond
between a Mother and her child.
I didn’t know that something so small
Could make me feel so important.

Before I was a Mom…
I had never gotten up in the
middle of the night
Every 10 minutes to make sure
all was okay
I had never known the warmth
The joy
The love
The heartache
The wonder
Or the satisfaction of being a Mom.
I didn’t know I was capable of
feeling so much before I was a Mom…..

A Promo and A Sountrack

[Cebu Pacific Promo]
For a week I have been reading and hearing about the Cebu Pacific mania. Recently I’ve read that the Cebu Pacific promo have been been extended unitl March 11. Lucky for those who  have enough money to spend. How I love to book a flight and be on vacation with my family either in Singapore or Hongkong, Unfortunately as much as I wanted to, I could not. I just succumb to that fact that my kids are still too young to enjoy such places. Putting into mind the word “perhaps, in the future”.

I love to travel and visit places! Thankful I had the chance to visit Hongkong (during my elementary days), Singapore and Brunei (during my college days). There was no Disneyland yet at HongKong. My parents are well-enough during those times. I had still had in my memory the places we had visited and the fun times we had. What I loved most:

at HongKong – Ocean Park, the cable cars, shopping for toys at Toys R Us
at Singapore – Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park
at Brunei – Jerudong Park

Now, going on a vacation is a dream for my family.
Sigh… Sana nga makapagbakasyon kami someday.
And this means, money and savings.

[Music and Lyrics]

I’ve been living with a shadow, over head
I’ve been sleeping with a cloud, above my bed
I’ve been lonely for so long
Trapped in the past, I just can’t seem to move on

I’ve been hiding all my hopes and dreams away
just in case I ever need them again someday
I’ve been setting aside time
to clear a little space in the corners of my mind

All I wanna do is find a way back into love
I can’t make through without a way back into love……

I love to listen to the song, Way Back into Love, from the movie Music and Lyrics, which stars Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. I find the song pleasing and sweet. But, I haven’t watched this movie (hmmm, mid-last year pa yata last movie na napanood ko sa sine… hehe).

This is the type of movie I wanted, the sappy-romantic ones. Pero ewan ko ba, I’m just not fond now of going to the movie theater and sit an hour or two for a movie. Sometimes, my husband feels like watching a movie in the theater but I don’t want to. I was always thinking that it’s more worthy to spend time with my kids or buy some things for them. And I love shopping more than watching a movie.

A Place like Home

It’s Monday and I am tired!
Hopefully, we would be able to settle in a new home. We’ve left the house at Makati and we’re currently staying at Millenium Plaza. We’ve been there for a week already. I think we would be moving in at Mandaluyong area. This time, we would be living separate doors away from my parents.

For more than 20 years we’ve been living at Paco, my grandma’s home. A lot of my things are still there. A thousand memories and experiences learned. Now I already have a family of my own. I want to stay as near as possible to my mom. It’s not easy being a mother. I am afraid to leave my kids to anyone else It’s so hard to trust just the maid to take care of my children while my husband and I are working. I want my children to feel safe and secured. Near my mom, I know they are safe.

But we are also preparing for the time that we would live in a place my own family could call our own. I know we would still be counting years. By that time, my children could take care of themselves. Still, I would worry about them. But I have always belived that God is always taking care of us.