I am 29!

One more year left before I reach 30. I am growing old, though not really looking like one, people would always say. I am thankful that life brings me enough love and blessings. I am grateful for my family who has always been there at my side, for my kids and my husband. I appreciate relatives, friends and everyone else who never failed to greet me each year. There was more to life to be thankful for!

For my birthday celebration, our family had dinner at Texas BBQ and Restaurant at the A.Venue Mall, Makati Avenue. Food was great especially when you’re sharing it with the people you love. Their big food servings are enough to fill us up.  Though a bit pricey for me, but proved to be worthy.

I am looking forward to more years, more happiness and more blessings… for a life free from worries and anxieties… for more strength and better future. Life is indeed beautiful and I am living it well!


Our Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to my baby boy! He’s now 2 years old! Oh… how time flies so fast!

I am 28!


December 2. My birthday celebration together with my family. Thank you mom for shouldering the expenses! Hehe… it was my mom’s treat actually. I am so thankful for this life… let these pictures speak how happy and grateful I am for having a great family!