My Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is fast approaching. I still have a gift-list to complete and gifts to wrap. Sometimes, it felt so good to be a child once more, thinking that when all I have to do way back then is to write down all my Christmas wishes. I was hoping then that Santa Claus would give me one of those gifts that I have listed. For the children, that’s the magic of Christmas after all…

Nonetheless, wishes are for everyone. It’s like dreaming and hoping and praying that these would all come true. Just like believing… and I am wishing for:

1. DSLR camera
2. Sony VAIO laptop
3. Samsung Omnia or Sony Ericson Xperia
4. Macbook Air
5. Weekend vacation
6. Lots of toys, clothes and books for my kids
7. Ultimate shopping spree!

Whew! My list could be quite unfathomable and I could go on and on listing all I ever wanted for Christmas. Well, just keeping my fingers crossed and hope that there is still a magical moment waiting for me.

And this could also be my entry to Manila Freelancer’s contest by Melo Villareal. How fortunate it would be for the blogger who would get to receive these gifts from Manila Freelancer – Super Talent 200X 4GB USB Flash Drive, 1 Ridata 1 GB USB Flash Drive, 1 Memorex 1 GB USB Flash Drive, 1 PQI 1GB USB Flash Drive and 2 2009 Starbucks Planners. Though, I don’t have much luck at this blog-about-this-and-win-thing, but who knows, maybe I would be lucky enough to grab a prize. If I won, I would definitely hope to grab the Starbucks Planner and the PICO USB drive!