Santa vs. Snowman Movie Screening


I took the chance of joining a Getzmo promo, keeping my fingers crossed that I would be lucky enough to win tickets to the advance screening of Santa vs. Snowman. With such luck, I did win! I tagged my little sister and my daughter with me to watch the movie. The movie and press screening was held last December 13, 2008 at the IMAX Theater, SM Mall of Asia.

Before the movie starts, everyone get to have treats from the sponsors. We get to have a Fuji Film notepad and keychain, Krispy Kreme Christmas doughnuts and the free picture with Santa wherein each kid also gets to receive a pack of Hershey’s kisses. There was also a glitter tattoo booth. It was definitely a Christmas treat!

Both my sister and my daughter were struck upon seeing the big and wide screen. While the movie was rolling, my daughter even raised her arms, as if trying to catch those tiny snowflakes. She even asked me if those elves and snowman would come out on screen. Like everyone else, she definitely felt like she was part of the movie. It was indeed an incredible IMAX experience.

We did have so much fun watching this holiday movie at the IMAX Theater. Indeed, IMAX brings an ultimate movie experience and it would make you “See More, Feel More and Hear More”.

Posted some pictures here.

Santa vs. The Snowman Synopsis:
The movie is about the story of a lonely Snowman who finds Santa’s workshop but is chased away when he sets off the perimeter alarm. Snowman devises a plan to take over Santa’s empire and thus be the most popular figure around Christmas time this year. Having enlisted “Snow Minions Made Easy”, he pits his snow army against Santa’s elves and captures Santa, setting off a hilarious, epic-scale polar war.


I am thinking too that this blog post could also pass as my first blog at Getzmo!


Barbie in A Christmas Carol

It was around 8 pm when I decided once again to drop by Getzmo to check out their promos and treats, and right there and then I joined their A Christmas Carol promo. Their topic is about sharing the feeling of receiving or giving a Barbie doll. Here’s my answer without thinking twice:

“I loved receiving Barbie dolls when I was a kid and asking my mom to buy one for me. Though, I haven’t counted how many Barbie dolls I had then. I bought my daughter her first Barbie doll when she was 3. It was her first and until now she’s holding on to it like a real treasure.”

My kids and my husband were already in bed when I heard my cellphone’s text message, and it was a message from Getzmo informing me that I won tickets to the screening of Barbie and the Christmas Carol promo! I got up from bed and instantly confirmed that I received their message in the Getzmo forum. I was so happy and daughter who’s already sleeping would really be!

We woke up early in the morning and I asked my papa to drive me to Makati to get the tickets. I asked mama and yaya to dress up Skylah as we’re going to be watching the movie! It was already 10:30 when papa and I arrived from the Getzmo office and Skylah was ready to go! She did not know yet where we’ll be heading. It was my surprise for her!

She got so excited when she learned that we’ll be watching a Barbie movie. This was the second time we’ll be watching a Barbie movie screening. The first one was the Barbie and the Diamond Castle screening, which I also won from Getzmo.

The screening was held at Shangrila Cineplex and we we’re there 10 minutes earlier. Skylah did enjoy the movie and was asking for another movie soon. Even though she was hesitant to join the contest, she still enjoyed all the activities after the screening. There was a Blow Up Babies photo session, a face painting session, ceramic painting, Polly pocket playtime dolls and a cupcake decorating activity. Luckily, we took part in each activity as I’ve asked for stubs from the Magnavision lady, and I was thankful she had handed me these stubs except for the cupcake decorating session since she could not find one anymore.

Thank you Getzmo for this happy day! I am still hoping I’ll have a chance to win again if ever there’ll be another Barbie treats from Getzmo!

Some pictures here.


IMAX Experience

I’ve won 2 tickets from for the Screening of Dinasaurs 3D Giant of Patagonia. Thank you Getzmo team for choosing me as one of the winners. So finally, I’ve got the chance to experience watching a film at IMAX! It’s just a short film, though, I appreciate the film because of the 3D effect of the theater.

After attending the birthday party of my cousins’s daughter, hubby and I went off to catch the movie. My parents took the kids with them. We only have a few minutes to spare before the 7 pm show time. We are really in a hurry and luckily, we reached the theater 5 minutes before the film starts. Though we haven’t got a chance to eat beforehand (since there’s free food pala!), still, it’s worth it… watching it at IMAX is free anyway.

We haven’t had any pictures takes as both our cellphones batteries are emptied. Hmmm, maybe we’ll just go back one of these days… well, only if the budget fits!

Another Winning Photo!

Submitted this picture at Getzmo for their Father’s Day Promo. I knew and I really hoped I had a chance at winning since there are only a few entries. And yes… this picture won! I received a text message from Getzmo informing me that I won in their promo! I am so happy and of course, my husband and my daughter also. First, it was me and my son who won… then now, it’s their time to win!

And I am becoming a contest fanatic. I keep on searching for contests that I could join online, in the hope of getting a chance at winning. I was thinking about raffle contest? Well, I don’t have a chance at that… but then who knows maybe one of these days… hehe.

Best Picture


If I would be choosing just one picture to keep with me, this would be it. I really love this picture of me with my two kids! This picture was taken while we are at La Mesa Ecopark last year. This is one sweet moment that we will always treasure. Even just sitting with the kids felt so special.

I even submitted this picture in one local magazine and they included it in one of their articles. Great isn’t it?! And now, we have submitted it at Getzmo’s Mom’s Terrific Love Photo Contest! We might have a chance at grabbing a price. But if not, this picture still bags the Best Picture award!