Winning Photo

J&J Cool Bulilits Promo

We’re so lucky! Me and my baby Brent won in Cartoon Network’s Johnson & Johnson Certified Coolest Bonding Promo!┬áThe link to the website is here:

Actually, that photo is not one of my favorites. When I find out about the contest, I know we won’t have a chance at winning. I know others have professionally taken photos and some even have studio shots. We don’t have great photos… and almost all our photos was gone when the hard disk crashed. I just scanned and picked a photo from my mom’s PC. And thankful then that we were chosen! A blessing in disguise perhaps.

We’ve already claimed the prizes which was given last Saturday at the Old Spaghetti House Restaurant. The prizes includes:
+ day trip to Subic Ocean Adventure (for 4)
+ overnight stay at the Camayan Beach Resort
+ Johnson’s baby powder (and cologne) gift packs

They also gave the winners a Ben 10 Cartoon Network sling bag, which also contains a memo pad, sticker and 4 character stirrer(?) sets. And that’s the prize that my son loves!

Thank you Cartoon Network and Johnson’s for the prizes…

Winning when you least expect it becomes so great! Well, maybe it’s because we really deserve to win… and maybe, because we’re really cool!